Sunday, 16 December 2012

We are Slaves of the Objects Around Us.

We are Slaves of the Objects Around Us.

Ted Baker cropped jacket

Coral skirt
$16 -

Natasha Gan black skirt
$150 -

Christian Louboutin t strap heels

Antik Batik fringe bag
$215 -

Marni handbag

Monica Vinader engraved jewelry
$175 -

Stud earrings
$800 -

Gold jewelry

Black sunglasses
$13 -

Christian dior

Bulgari perfume
$95 -

We are Slaves of the Objects Around Us.

We are Slaves of the Objects Around Us.

Ted Baker cropped jacket / Natasha Gan black skirt, $150 / Coral skirt, $16 / Giuseppe Zanotti summer wedge / Christian Louboutin t strap heels / Marni handbag / Antik Batik fringe bag, $215 / Stud earrings, $800 / Gold jewelry / Monica Vinader engraved jewelry, $175 / Vintage sunglasses / Black sunglasses, $13 / Lipstick Queen matte nude lipstick / Christian Dior / Bulgari perfume, $95

Friday, 14 December 2012


Saree makes Indian women look as pretty as no other attire, in the modern world women need more confident look. So, here is the revived ready-to-wear stitched sarees with leather and metal studs embedded. 

Designer: Shruti Garg, Dress Set Go!
Model: Jaie Bhadane
Photographer : Sriparna Sarkar
Stylist: Komal Vora

Friday, 30 November 2012

Color this WINTER!!

Who says winter comes and with it comes the dull, dark colors.Break this old saying, make it more happening than spring, Color this WINTER with the color you like.Go experimental, accessorized and in trend.

Paint the town red.

Neon in winter to highlight your personality. 

Blue is the Winter color, wear in jackets, sweaters and pullovers.

How to stylize your old cardigan?? Make it more fashionable and let people think.

Get the block printed reversible jacket.

Get the new colors in.

Try new look this winter by paring with loose pants.

Have you tried stylizing your Dad's old sweater? 

Tribal print Cardigan. 

How to pair it with different colors.

Stylize your shrug.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Friday, 2 November 2012


Festive season is on its way. 
Marriage season is around the corner and Diwali is just a week after.
Confused what to buy and pair with                

Theme: RAAS
Photography: Antariksh Jain
Stylist: Ankita Sehgal
Models: Nivedita, Effie, Devyani, Khushboo, Henna, Shreelaxmi
Garments: Devyani singh, Manasi lele, Shruti Garg