Sunday, 9 June 2013

Modern Quest!

Its called Ready to wear world, where people want fast cloths just like fast food. Most of them have forgotten the traditional textiles and their styles. 
We call it 'MODERN QUEST', where Indian textiles are trying hard to survive in Fast Fashion.

'Muga Silk' is not only a unique silk product, but also a symbol of rich Assamese culture and part of traditional attire of the region. The speciality of this silk is it's golden bright colour. Muga has got GI (Geographical indication) Registration in 2007.
Here is an effort we did to give it modern touch.

Traditional look of Muga.

Models: Shruti Garg, Devyani Singh, Ankita Sehgal, Henna Akhtar
Make up: Aashu Malik, Ankita Sehgal, Manasi Lele, Nadiya Akhlaq
Set: Tanvi Parab
Photographer: Mahima Prasad

The whole idea was to change this traditional fabric to modern designs and make a whole range of High class garments.

Designer: Devyani Singh
Model: Tanvi Badami
Photographer: Soumyanshu Behra

Designer: Shruti Garg
Model: Apurvi Srivastav 
Photographer: Soumyanshu Behra

Designer: Manasi Lele
Model: Shagun Singh Thapliyal
Photographer: Soumyanshu Behra

INDIAN fabrics are Timeless, it will never loose its charm.
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